dimanche 7 juin 2020

Friendly for Facebook (MOD, Unlocked)

Friendly for Facebook (MOD, Unlocked)

As you know, Facebook and Messenger are two big monsters which consume too much battery and 3G data on your smartphone. That can be acceptable with the most modern mobile but the old device can’t. Facebook and Messenger are the biggest nightmares when using a smartphone. Knowing that disadvantages publisher made Friendly application with many features as well as advanced utilities. It can become a good replacement for two apps, Facebook and Messenger.

Friendly APK v1.8.14 Mod Unlocked download latest for Android
If you are tired about the switch between Facebook and Messenger, it’s actually the best option for you. That apps integrated Facebook and message make user can use it full features comfortable, especially the Messenger is more optimized to save significant data usage. You also stop worry about running background application consume too much battery like the day before.

Friendly software allows you to set an unlock password.
If you are worried about strangers will open your Facebook to making a joke or reading your secret messages, Friendly will very safe because it allows us to set a password look like iPhone’s password.

Change color, Facebook interface.
If the old-style of Facebook is too boring to use, Friendly can help you change your interface with a lot of different colors and styles depending on the preferences of each person. This changes function applies to all Facebook interface but it can use only in this software.
Use multiple Facebook accounts at once time.

Mod features:
– PREMIUM features Unlocked

With multi accounts features, you can login to many Facebook accounts in just one tap will instantly transfer to your favorite account quickly and easily. Too simple and convenient to use, right? the Free software offering two major mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. You can download and have immediate good experiences.

Publisher:          Friendly App Studio
 Version:            4.5.06
 Category:          Social
 Size:                  9M
 Available at:     Google Play

Friendly for Facebook (MOD, Unlocked)

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