lundi 8 juin 2020

Garena Free Fire (MOD, Hack Map/Night Mode)

Garena Free Fire (MOD, Hack Map/Night Mode)

Game battle royale at present has become one of the most significant phenomena in the game industry. Players around the world look forward to and always want to be able to catch up with the times when playing top-rated products. Garena Free Fire although it is not the founder of this game genre, it is also one of the pioneers. After the opening shot of PUBG and Fortnite, Garena quickly released this product. This is one of the most trusted products in Asia.
After a period of release, this game still receives great trust from players on all servers that the game was released. One of the biggest reasons it has this credibility is because the liver always has new updates. The fact that Garena Free Fire listens to gamers and makes appropriate corrections always brings good effects. In Version 1.32.0 has just been updated recently, we have received some new upgrades that you need to pay attention to.

Large map, enemies stalking everywhere

To save it, we need to find the most played map in Garena Free Fire which is Bermuda. These are now the only places you can join the ranking mode. In this updated version we will be coming to an entirely new area called Bullseye. It’s just an area like normal. There is still not too much information about the benefits when you come here. If there is any new information, we will update it right below this article. Besides the new Bullseye area, players can also get an attractive area when logging in to the game at present. Hot Zone will be one of the most popular places on the map because it is designed to spawns high tier supplies. In these survival games, you can pick up weapons or supplies that will have a more significant advantage than the same players.

Hundreds of different weapons and equipment

Two new things you can get in this version are a weapon and equipment. CG15 is the latest type of gun that you can get in the battle and use it to attack the enemies and become the winner. The interesting feature of this weapon is that you can charge up to use it more and more often. Besides, CG15 is equipped with a robust system that can cause more damage to your opponent. Info Box is a device that helps players to increase their flexibility. Basically, it will help players quickly know the next play-zone and current in-game airdrops. As long as you get information faster and more accurately than an enemy, you can gain an advantage. In this new version, equipped with CG15 and using the Info Box correctly, the player almost has greatly increased his winning rate.

Create a team with friends and fight

The initial stage is probably one of the most critical moments that can affect the outcome of the match. If you quickly get many items and hide immediately, the first survival rate is very high right then people are still weak, straightforward to destroy, so coordinating with each other is probably the right way. For example, if you want to be safe, don’t be afraid to use the ‘Team Parachuting’ feature to get along with your teammates from the first minute quickly. And finally, the latest point in this update is that the publisher gives the player a brand new character. Her name is Laura, and she has an eye-catching appearance. With this new update, players can also enjoy new Loading Image and Lobby Background Image. And the publisher also edited some Guild Systems. Your experience with the game will be enhanced.

Garena Free Fire [Original V1.48.1] [APK FILE]

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