dimanche 7 juin 2020

Psiphon Pro (MOD, Free Subscribed)

Psiphon Pro (MOD, Free Subscribed)

Network The society as well as many other real website addresses have reached all countries in this world. With just an internet connection, you can access anywhere, anytime, and search for anything you like. However, for some areas, there will be specific restrictions that you cannot break if you still use the basic internet connection. For some people who don’t have much free time to use the advanced tools of the Internet but just want to use it for pure entertainment, there’s no need to care about this article. But for some people who have a special interest in connecting to the world to have broader visions, this is a good choice. Psiphon Pro allows users to easily connect to everything available on the internet. There are no restrictions, and any disadvantage makes you stop surfing the web. It is considered as the top of the most powerful Smartphone apps currently available on the current Google Play store.

Free, unlimited personal use
The two most prominent features of “Psiphon Pro” are that it allows and access news broadcast or social media platforms and protects you from being compromised when connecting to wi-fi. In essence, it is a VPN tool built on the idea of ​​providing absolute security for users. The principle it uses is to create a separate tunnel that separates the threats from Wi-Fi hotspot and Internet to your device. Users can freely access all websites without fear of being compromised by any third party. Even if you are connected to a public wi-fi modem, it means that you are sharing a system with a multitude of other devices, and are not afraid of being violated.

Provide fast, reliable access, every time
Psiphon Pro allows users to access any website or URL from around the world. Because its server is linked and placed in so many places, it only needs to discover where you are automatically connecting to the nearest server. The server will have links that maximize bandwidth and use your tunnel to transfer information to the smartphone. A special feature here is that everything you use is free. This means that you only need to find the DLC of “Psiphon Pro” at any time, you can download it and then install and use it without any cost. Don’t be afraid to choose the more critical VPN protocol provided by the global Psiphon server network.

Users can also quickly and efficiently modify their proxies without having to dig in complex smartphone systems. It allows users to customize the configuration and set your own Psiphon VPN. Moreover, if users see an application that is likely to cause harm to their smartphone, simply put it into the blacklist. Tell it to remove the app from the VPN tunnel that you use regularly. Simple but effective. In the end, everything is built on an open source so users can freely customize everything they like but still stay safe.

MOD Info?
Subscription unlocked / Unlimited speed bandwidth;
Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
PsiCash Tab removed;
Forced open browser after established connection disabled;
Changed main bar to dark color;
Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
AOSP compatible.

Publisher:             Psiphon Inc.
 Version:               273
 Category:            Tools
 Size:                    20M
 Available at:       Google Play

Psiphon Pro (MOD, Free Subscribed)

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